JRO Community Outreach provides support and resources for youth and families that promote healthy living (spirit, soul and body), aid in academic achievement, and strengthen relationships in the home, church and community.  

Our goal is to become a community anchor that provides a safe place for youth, resources for families, training and education in life skills, mentoring support and leadership building, individual and family counseling. 

JRO Community Outreach is a non-profit 501c3 organization. It was originally founded in 2003 as JRO Ministries-Divinity Dance Studio & Fitness Center. In affiliation with many churches, JRO Ministries provided dance instruction, team building and mentoring support for dance leaders, ministries and churches. We organized and orchestrated a dance team of over 100 dancers for the Global Day of Prayer annual prayer meeting for three consecutive years. JRO Ministries became a safe haven for dancers. As a greater capacity to serve the community became apparent, JRO Ministries changed its name to JRO Community Outreach in 2014. 

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Call us at 314-435-7717 or 314-764-2024

Visit us at: Throne Room Worship Center

                  8310 Olive Blvd

                 University City, MO 63132

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